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About Us

Our Products

Material Handling Systems.

Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator Stacker & Belt Conveyors.

Ash Conveying System and Dust Control System.

• Coal Crusher, Hammer Mill, Vibratory Screen & Guide Roller. 

• Centrifugal Fans (ID/FD/PA/Dust Extraction & Pneumatic Conveying Fans)

• Pollution Control systems.

• Pulse Jet Bag filter and Spares.

• Cyclone Separator (Dry & Wet) type.

• Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipment's & Spares.

• Rubber/Silicon/Teflon Seals.

• Filter Cages, Filter bags, Filter Ventures.


Our Services


• Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning.

• Process Plants Operations and Maintenance.

• Power Plant Operations and Maintenance.

• Power Plant start-up/ commissioning services.

• Steam Boilers Training Activities.

• Process Plant Preventive and Shutdown Maintenance.

• Operations and maintenance services for ancillary facilities.

• Operations and maintenance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System.

• Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

• Plant Improvements Studies.

• Preparation of operations and maintenance manuals.

About Us

Unique Plant Services is Manufacturer of Engineering Equipment’s

(Products) and Provides Services of Erection, Operation & Maintenance and

Plant Consultants since 2012.

We provide all kinds of skilled & unskilled workers. We have specialized

team For Boiler, DM Plant, CHP, AHP, HVAC System and Refrigeration Plant

Operation & Maintenance. We have Experts in AMC Contract, Plant

Overhauling Works & Maintenance of Boiler, TFH, Pharmaceutical Plant,

Chemical Plant, Steel Plant, Textile Industry, and Solvent Extraction Plant. Also

provide other Technical services for industrial solution.

Maintenance of Rotary, Static, Pneumatic and hydraulic Equipments

Maintenance of Pump, Compressor, Blower, Fan, Acid pump, Crusher Cooling

tower, Extractor, PHE, Slate Conveyer, Stacker and All other plant utility.

Our Services

1. Plant Operation & Maintenance

a. Boiler

b. Water Treatment Plant

c. DM / RO plant

d. Coal Handling Plant

e. Ash Handling Plant

f. HVAC System.

2. Industrial Fabrication

3. Industrial Erection

4. Industrial Commissioning

5. Industrial Piping

6. Thermal Insulation Services

7. Alignment Services & Vibration

Control Services

8. Valve Repairing Services

9. Refractory Services

10. Industrial Maintenance


a. Pump Maintenance

b. Heavy Gearbox Maintenance

c. Hydraulic & Pneumatic

Equipment Maintenance

d. Rotary & Static Equipment’s

e. Cooling Tower

Our Products

 Boiler Spares and Accessories:

a. Fusible Plug

b. Boiler Fire Doors

c. Boiler Safety Valve

d. Blow off Valve

e. Gauge Glass Assembly

f. Mobrey Switch

g. Boiler Nozzles

h. Screw Feeder

i. All Other Parts

 Material Handling Equipment’s

a) Belt Conveyors

b) Packing Belt Conveyors

c) Screw Conveyors

d) Twin Screw Conveyors

e) Automated Conveyor System

f) Roller Conveyor

g) Slate Conveyor

h) Bucket Elevator

i) Bulk Flow Chain Conveyor

 Conveyor Belt

a. PU Conveyor Belt

b. PVC Conveyor Belt

c. Rubber Conveyor Belt

d. Nylon Conveyor Belt

e. SS conveyor Belt

 Industrial Fan and Blower’s

 Rotary Airlock Valve:

 Coal Crusher and Spares:

 Pneumatic, Hydraulic &

Instrumentation Products and


 Pollution Control Equipment’s

and Spares:

 Dome Valve and Spares:

 Pneumatic Conveying System

and Spares:

 Heat Exchanger

a. Plate Heat Exchanger

b. Tube Heat Exchanger

c. Shell Heat Exchanger

 Condensate Recovery System

Condensate Pump

 Water Flow Meter / Steam Flow


 Power Transmission Spares:

a) Taper Lock Pulley

b) Fluid Coupling & Pin Bush


c) Tyre Couplings

d) Love Joy Coupling

 Non IBR Boiler & Hot Water


 Industrial Valves.

 Special Purpose Machines

(SPM): We design and manufacture

all types of SPM as per requirement.

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